My commute for the last few weeks has had a downer portion to it that has had nothing to do with Atlanta traffic, which will get anyone down. My commute takes me past the site of a shopping mall that I used to live near, and that I used to spend quite a lot of time at, but that has recently been demolished.


The mall had fallen on hard times and had been effectively abandoned for quite a while, but I still remember spending time in the arcade there, and I can name books that I bought at the mall's Bookland or Waldenbooks. I have especially fond memories of the time I spent in the mall's Babbage's store, getting games for our Commodore 64 and later for our PCs.


One memory that I treasure is going to the Sears store with my grandfather where he ordered a basketball goal from the catalog. Of course, I knew it was for us, but he played that it wasn't. It's a fun thing to remember.


Coming home from college, I would occasionally stop at the mall for a couple slices of pizza. It was not exactly great, but something about it, especially the hint of a singe that came when they would reheat a slice, would really hit the spot.


Well, Babbage's as a chain has been gone for a long time now, but I can still get mall pizza when I get an irresistible hankering. As for the site of the mall itself, a movie studio complex is going to be built.