So I was driving home last night, and was preparing to exit the freeway when I saw some fool in a Dodge Challenger driving rather recklessly. He comes zooming up next to me, wanting to jump over in front of me in the exit lane, and tailgating the car in front of him to try to do so, but there's not room for him to get past. So then this guy jumps over a lane to the left, floors the gas, and jumps over two lanes, crossing a solid white line, to get into the exit lane up ahead of me.

The thing is, there was plenty of room behind me. All he had to do was just throttle back a bit and he could drop in behind me, but I don't know if he was in too big of a hurry to want to do that, or just too used to driving aggressively, or what. I honestly don't want to know what he was thinking, because I'm sure I'd be depressed to know what he thought made it worth the risk. Think about it, he could have hit a pot hole when passing the other car, lost control, hit them and taken them out, maybe cause a chain reaction. Even assuming nobody was killed, the risk of injury and the damage to cars just can't be worth it.

Calm down, people. Slow down, show a little courtesy and common sense. You're not going to save enough time to make it worth the risk of paralyzing or killing someone.